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System 1 PA with DJ package


Classic Reception Package 

A very popular package for Wedding Receptions of 50-250 people. This fantastic 2-way system has great bass response, excellent clarity, and will easily cover your dance floor with full, motivating sound. We also include a premium wireless microphone that you are welcome to use at any time. The lighting system includes 4 premium LED color wash lights that create numerous changing color patterns on your dance floor and are fully controlled by the DJ. Also included are (2) LED Sparkle lights, which create a mirror ball effect without the 70’smirror ball look. This lighting system produces a more conservative, but inspiring and welcoming atmosphere for your dance floor. Overall, this is an excellent wedding package that is very competitively priced yet offers outstanding quality, service and DJ experience.

As with all of our packages, a highly experienced, professional DJ/MC will add the finishing touches to make your night one that you and your guests will be talking about for years to come.  Our DJs know how to perfectly coordinate with you and all of your vendors to ensure your night goes exactly as planned. Tasteful, and inspiring, we know how to get your guests dancing and having fun without being overbearing or cheesy in any way. It's our perfect balance of class, outgoing attitude and experience that makes for an excellent overall outcome. All you have to do is come to your reception ready to dance and have fun! Your Elite Pro DJ will guide you every step of the way to make your night completely stress-free.

Ceremony & uplighting services are available with this package. Get our pricing guide for more details

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System 2

Deluxe Reception Package 

Our most popular package for Wedding Receptions of 150-350 people. This package includes our high performance, 3-way sound and lighting system that is considerably better than what most of the local DJs & companies provide in their packages. The sound from this system is remarkably smooth and comfortable for listening where your guests are seated, yet solid, full and motivating on your dance floor; it’s truly the best of both worlds! Included is a premium wireless microphone that you are welcome to use at any time. The upgraded lighting includes everything from the Classic package plus 3 additional high performance LED dance floor effect lights.

Basic Differences Between The Classic & Deluxe Packages: The Deluxe Package adds a small sub-woofer for enhanced dance floor bass response and the speaker system is slightly upgraded. The Deluxe Package also offers a more upbeat LED lighting effects system for your dance floor. There is no difference in music selection, customer service or DJ experience, this is the same regardless of which package you choose.

Ceremony and up-lighting bundles available with this package. Please call or email us for details: Get Our E-mail Pricing Guide Now

DJ System 3

Premiere-Elite Reception Package 

A phenomenal package for very large Wedding Receptions of 300-600 people. This package is designed for the bride & groom who want the most upscale sound and lighting system available for their reception without breaking the bank. This incredible package includes our Crown/Yorkville Elite Series 3-way sound system that has pristine highs, full non-harsh midrange, and very deep-solid bass response produced by the mid-size powered sub woofer that is included. Our Elite sub woofers include a full crossover network, which enables the DJ to precisely tune the speaker for just the right amount of desired bass in accordance to your dance floor and room size. This system creates more of a club-like feel on your dance floor without rattling the silverware off your guest tables, there’s nothing worse than grossly boomy bass at a wedding.  Also included is a premium wireless microphone that you are welcome to use at any time. The LED lighting package is really awesome and produces a fantastic and colorful light show, which creates lots of action and excitement on your dance floor. This package flat out blows away anything our competition has to offer! For the price, no other service even comes close to the DJ experience, sound system quality and incredible lighting effects that are all inclusive with this package. 

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