Music & Event Planning

All of your reception planning and music requests can be made starting on this page. By utilizing our online programs, we make planning for your big day a breeze! Reading the simple guides below is highly recommended and is a great way to get started.

VERY IMPORTANT: There are (2) separate programs you will be working on; The Event Planner & The Music Request List. Please read the descriptions for these forms below, after doing so, you can learn how to access and start using these programs.

Instructions Event Planner Music Request List

What is the Event Planner?

The Event Planner is where you go to fill out the pertinent details that relate to your wedding reception. This is the form you will use to tell your DJ what formal dances and special events you do, and do not want to do. You will also use this form to list all the members in your wedding party, tell us what type of DJ personality you want, detail notes on any additional announcements or dedications you may want your DJ to make, choose a dinner music category or make a custom dinner music list, inform us on expected timing and much more. The form is self-explanatory, and once you start to use it, you will find it to be a very helpful guide to organizing and perfectly planning your reception.  Keep in mind that you can always edit, change and save your work as often as you like. You will have access to these forms 24/7.

What is the Music Request List?

The Music Request List is where you go to make general requests that you would like to hear over the course of your reception (typically for your dancing period). The songs you choose in this program are completely separate from those you choose in the Event Planner. The program allows you to choose a group of “MUST PLAY” & “PLAY IF POSSIBLE” songs. You can also choose a list of “DO NOT PLAY” songs and there is even a tab for “CUSTOM SONGS” should you not be able to find certain selections you want on our list. Within this program is a tab called “HELP/TIPS”, which has excellent information on best utilizing this program. We highly recommend that you print this information out and use it as a reference guide while first learning how to use the program.  Keep in mind that you can always edit, change and save your list as often as you like. You can fill out as many requests (as the program will allow), or as few requests as you wish. Either way, our DJ will best accommodate the music needs of your reception according to your wishes and preferences