Our DJ Experience & What Makes Us Different

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What We Do & What We Don’t Do:

We provide DJ services exclusively to weddings and nothing else, which is just one of the reasons why we stand ahead of every other St. Louis DJ service. Also, we do not do video, or photography, or provide and/or attempt to sell you any other type of service. Our focus is entirely on the DJ we provide to you, their experience, the quality of our sound and lighting systems and the music for your reception, that’s it. 100% of our business is to weddings! We believe in being the very best at the one thing we do, and the one thing we do better than anyone else is providing DJ services for weddings.

Our DJ’s & Your Reception:

We belabor this point because nothing is more important than this. No other DJ service in St. Louis even comes close to the consistent DJ experience at Elite Pro DJ. Every single DJ on our staff has provided services to hundreds of wedding receptions. We never hire novice DJ’s and send them out to be road tested at your reception; It happens all the time with other companies and is a recipe for disaster. No amount training replaces experience when it comes to being an exceptional wedding DJ, and exceptional wedding DJs are exactly what we have.

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Our Quality Control:

We are a local, mid-size company that is not franchised or nationwide. Many of these large, nationwide companies do not even physically operate in St. Louis, they simply advertise their service, book the event, take your deposit and then sell or sub-contract the job to another local service. Elite Pro DJ has always been operated exclusively in St. Louis and we do no sub-contracting. We maintain a staff of 8 DJ-employees and 1 technician and will book as many as 6 engagements in one night. Since we first began in 1978, our focus has always been to give excellent personal service and never grow beyond the point where we couldn’t. We turn down nearly 100 jobs every year because we consistently reach our capacity on many dates.

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Premium Quality For Moderate Prices:

How do we do it? Simply put, we have low operating overhead. We have no expensive office space leased, no franchise or service fees to pay, no high utilities fees or building insurance. We also have no elaborate video or DVD presentations, our web site is modestly simple, we have reasonable advertising costs and we own our company free and clear with absolutely no debt. My wife and I are the only office employees and we work out of our home. Our biggest investment is in our DJ’s, who easily make more than double of those from almost every other local DJ company. Our second biggest investment is in the very high quality sound and lighting systems we purchase. Other than that, we have no other big expenses and thus, are able to offer you an exceptional service for a moderate price. The things that we make our biggest investments in are truly the most important things to the outcome of your reception!